Join Our Team

Are you interested in making an impact on the Montréal community outside of the McGill bubble? If so, sign up to become a MTSODM volunteer today! Not only would you help provide the services essential to keep The Open Door shelter running, but immerse yourself in a welcoming community of like-minded students.

Volunteer Roles

Front Desk: Volunteers at the reception desk greet visitors with a warm welcome. This position includes explaining the shelter’s services, distributing to-go containers of food, taking laundry room orders, distributing clothing, and managing schedules.

Kitchen: Guided by The Open Door’s kitchen staff, volunteers in the kitchen help to prepare and serve meals, and afterwards wash dishes and clean surfaces.

Laundry Room: Volunteers in the laundry room are responsible for washing, drying, folding, filing and sorting clothing, as well as preparing client orders at the reception desk.

For more information about volunteer roles, please visit The Open Door’s Volunteer Guide!

How To Volunteer


  1. Submit Application: Submit THIS google form with your basic information as well as a few short answer questions regarding your interest in becoming part of the MSTODM community.
  2. Training: You will attend a virtual training session to fully prepare you for what volunteering at The Open Door through MSTODM will look like.
  3. Documentation: Be sure to review the documents located on the Volunteer Resources page, especially the MSTODM Constitution. After reading and signing the Volunteer Contract, send a copy to VP Scheduling (scheduling.mstodm@gmail.com).
  4. Volunteer: After receiving your contract, VP Scheduling will contact asking you to fill out the Availability Form so you can get on the schedule and start volunteering!

Questions? Contact internal.mstodm@gmail.com for any inquiries about the volunteer recruitment process.